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From the power of the conquerors of the Alexander Empire to the new fashion of the Victorian aristocracy; from the establishment of the theory of evolution to the landing of open nature reserves, the history of the zoo seems to witness a tragicomedy between humans and nature.

Earning economic benefits is not the original intention of modern zoos, and animal protection and knowledge popularization have gradually become mainstream. And as ordinary people, how do we have our own ideal super zoo?

One of the most popular German-style strategy games at the end of 2021, "Ark Nova", the Chinese version of "Ark Zoo", is being warmed up in the [New Collection]. Answers can be found!

In the game, you will become the director of the zoo, build exhibition halls in the park, cultivate wild animals, attract more tourists, and join the cause of animal protection... Experts in various industries, unique park facilities, etc. will help you achieve the construction of the most influential The ultimate goal of a world-class zoo!

255 non-repeatable cards, full of reopening

"Ark Zoo" is a card-driven plate-building game. At the beginning of the game, each player will get a map of their own zoo, and place different terrain plates on the basic map composed of hexagons, so as to In the end, build the greatest zoo in your mind.

There are as many as 255 cards in the game, and each card has a different category, including wild animals, sponsors and animal protection projects. Players need to take corresponding actions according to the different cards drawn, play on the spot, and formulate strategies exclusive to this game, so the reopening is extremely high!

Among them, the animal card indicates the animal's living habits, settlement characteristics, and the continuous income or one-time reward that can be brought after entering the zoo. After paying the corresponding price and meeting the animal's habitat conditions, you can play this animal card.

The animal cards are in a photo-realistic style, presenting the players with real and wonderful wild nature, as if they are in a wildlife exhibition hall and observe the most real side of animals through glass.

Sponsor cards are especially important. Without financial support, the operation of the zoo is difficult. Some patrons who worship nature and wildness may fall for the abundance of predator animals in your park; groups interested in reptiles may pay a lot of money for the Komodo dragons in your park the cost of feeding.

Some of these sponsorships are one-time and settled according to the number of animals in your park; some sponsorships are long-term, and every time you purchase the corresponding animal, the sponsor will generously reward you for your work in animal protection. Contributions, and sometimes you can even get the favor of the lab, so you can get points directly in the final settlement.

Pave the terrain and build your own zoo

Raising wild animals is very demanding on the ecology of the park. Koalas from Oceania spend almost their entire lives in trees, while otters have a soft spot for burrowing and often bring back migrations in streams and rivers. If you don’t know enough The living habits of animals, no matter how much energy and money are spent, it is wasted effort.

Too many large areas can cause your park to be overcrowded, and the proper placement of infrastructure in the park can help you gain additional benefits. Do animals that like to live in groups need more space? Is there stable water around the amphibian site? These are the questions that the principal needs to think about.

Animals are the most important resources in the park. If these animals from all over the world cannot feel at home, no matter how complete the facilities and environment are, they will only be bought back.

Multi-mechanism nesting, all requirements are met at one time

"Ark Zoo" is a large-scale strategy game in terms of mechanism and content. You can see the shadow of many classic board games in the process of playing, but these mechanisms are not spliced together mechanically, but organically. Nesting makes for a familiar but uniquely flavored gameplay.

Whether you want to stitch together well-planned tiles, experience the thrill of chain COMBO between cards, or simply want to spend a surprising afternoon with small animals, you can get satisfactory results.

The strategic planning of construction and operation runs through the game. Card drawing is one of the few random contents in this game, which ensures that players will not break the original plan because of a black face, and will not break the original plan because of a bad Draw cards and make your business situation take a sharp turn.

Like most nature-themed games, "Ark Zoo" also has a strong popular science nature. Players can learn about the habitats of animals through card descriptions. The fun of the game makes players immersed in strategic thinking at the same time. , and also acquired knowledge subtly.

The addition of the single-player mode allows players to run their own zoo in a stress-free, non-interactive environment, slowly sorting out their ideas, choosing cards and strategies. I believe that no matter what type of players, they can find their own fun in "Ark Zoo".

Legend has it that after the monstrous flood destroyed all things, only the birds and beasts and reptiles that boarded Noah's Ark survived. On July 17, the ark stopped on Mount Ararat, and then the beasts regenerated and prospered again. .

Today, climate change and shrinking living space have become "new disasters" that threaten the living space of animals. Can this zoo, like the legendary Noah's Ark, give wild animals a warm new home?

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